Monday, November 7, 2016

Jalan Jalan Japan Opens In Malaysia

Konnichiwa !!!

A Japanese Phenomena Arrives in Malaysia and launch is scheduled to open for business on November 18. The first store is located at One City Mall USJ, a neighborhood mall. In the early 90’s Japan was struck by a new phenomena, largely unknown to the outside world. What started as a fad has now become a Japanese way of life. The pioneer of this trend was created first by Bookoff Corporation and its success has seen Bookoff Corporation grown to more than 800 outlets in Japan and overseas.

Japan is rich nation where is its people are able to earn high income. But there is a lack of personal storage space. It causes them to sell fairly new stuff at 'Preloved' stores. While most Japanese people put a premium on quality, they have great respect for things they own, and would use them respectfully. They believe that the world can be a better place if the products they own can be loved by others too. Hence the ‘Preloved’ concept has become an integral part of Japanese culture. From books to cars, Japanese ‘Preloved’ goods tend to be in good condition, and some are like new.

Get More With Any Budget!
Geang a bargain is a deep part of human nature. With the introduction of Jalan Jalan Japan, Malaysian can get a taste of contemporary shopping excitement. Jalan Jalan Japan holds immense shopping excitement and fantastic savings for homemakers. They promise that no matter what’s your budget, you will always get more at Jalan Jalan Japan.

Jalan Jalan is a popular Malay term for ‘going for a walk’ to no particular destination. The name Jalan Jalan Japan invites people to come to the store for a walk, for a look-see experience. Take a stroll with us through one of the most popular store concept in Japan.

In Malaysia, Bok Marketing Sdn. Bhd. has established Jalan Jalan Japan. The joint-venture partners comprise of Bookoff Corporation Limited and Koike Malaysia Sdn.Bhd., and Koike Corporation Limited.

BOOKOFF is one of Japan’s largest chain of 'Preloved' stores. Founded in August 1991, the company has had explosive success, expanding to over 800 stores throughout Japan and overseas. Up to 97% of Japanese recognize Bookoff’s name and over 100 million people sell and buy annually. Bookoff first started trading only in 'Preloved' books. They have since expanded into a wide variety of popular goods that include CDs, DVDs, video games, apparels, children goods, toys, trading cards, household goods, sports goods, musical instruments, designer’s bags and watches. In Japan, product range includes mobile phones, furniture and appliances. They constitute one of the world’s largest collections of ‘Preloved’ goods.

In Malaysia Jalan Jalan Japan will feature mainly ‘Preloved’ items comprising of fashionable clothes, handbags, shoes, household goods, toys, sports goods, musical instruments and even baby strollers. The stores are distinguished by their large surface area, cleanliness and bright illumination.

Jalan Jalan Japan is located at Level 1A, One City Mall, USJ.
Business Hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm

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